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Theatre der Welt Exercises in Taking a Break by LIGNA Frankfurt | Hamburg | Cologne In the hustle and bustle of the festival, selected benches in the public space between the various venues invite visitors to linger. Visitors can stop there and listen to the stories of international artists using an app specially developed by LIGNA. In ‘Meet Me at the Bench. Exercises in Taking a Break’ we meet artists who are living in exile, fleeing wars or armed conflicts and unbearable social conditions. With them, we embark on an acoustic journey into their worlds and transform the benches in Frankfurt and Offenbach into places where unexpected encounters can take place. Will we relax and enjoy a breath of fresh air together on equal terms? Or will our perspectives shift against the backdrop of European (colonial) history? Location: Frankfurt-Offenbach Cast & Credits Concept, Production: LIGNA (Ole Frahm, Michael Hueners, Torsten Michaelsen)Voices: The artists and Christine Nothofer, Isaak Dentler (German synchronisation)Programming the App: DCPDramaturgical Support: Anna BründlTranslation: Michael Hein, Dorothee Calvillo, Christina Barrera, WU XueqingContributing Artists: Andrezza Alves (Recife, Brasilia, z.Zt. Lisbon, Portugal), Maryam Bagheri (Teheran, Iran), Mitra Ziaei Kia (Teheran, Iran, z.Zt.Aukland, New Zealand), Chto Delat (St. Petersburg, Russia, z.Zt.Hamburg, Germany) Tamara Cubas (Montevideo, Urugay), Ishvara Devati (Jakarta, Indonesia), Raquel Meseguer (Bristol, England), Nature Theater of Oklahoma (New York, USA), Tedious Work (Birmingham, England, z.Zt.Freiburg, Germany / Frankfurt am Main, Germany), Anton Ovchinnikov (Kiev, Ukraine, z.Zt.Vilnius, Latvia), Panaibra Gabriel Canda (Maputo, Mozambique), Park Fiction (Hamburg, Germany), Maria Sideri (Athens, Greece), Mohamed Toukabri (Tunis, Tunesia, currently Bruxelles, Belgium), Zora Snake (Jaounde, Cameroon / Bruxelles, Belgium), Wen Hui (Beijing, China, z.Zt. Frankfurt am Main, Germany) Veranstaltung in Kooperation mit der Regionalpark Rhein-Main GmbH About the event Download the application :