This video is a dedication to the French avant-garde artist of the early 20th century, Valentine de Saint Point (Lyon, 1875-Cairo,1953). With a wide artistic practice from dance to poetry and journalism, Saint Point built her own experiments as a reply to the psychology of desire and the reconstruction of female mythology, exposing the female body not as an object of beauty but as vehicle of an idea. Saint Point described masculinity and femininity as qualities and not as defined categories claiming emancipation of patriarchal bonds already in the 20’s. Her contributions remain still largely unknown.
In this experiment of vibratory physics, the concept of “sympathetic vibration” functions as a metaphor for the power of lust and for the past to resonate and reveal forces that independent to gender, occur continuously onto matter.

Athens Video Dance festival, Rag Factory, Agony Art/ Chisenhale Dance Space, Roman Road Festival, Decoda Dance Festival / Coventry and Trip Space/Palest Light and also for the limited edition audiovisual fanzine " it comes in waves" released in July 2014.

Video Direction and filming: Mona Mock and Maria Sideri
Video edit: Maxim Young
Sound composition: Maria Sideri
Sound edit and mix: Kostis Kilymis