Vibrant Matter

Vibrant Matter/ La Métachorie is inspired from the work of a female French artist of the early 20th century, Valentine de Saint Point. It is a solo piece made, as homage for her contributions in the arts that still remain largely unnoticed. Vibrant Matter/ La Métachorie is a dialogue between Valentine de Saint Point and myself, which raises questions around vibration, gender, matter and dance. The work was produced after an extensive research on her life and work in various archives and museums in Italy and in France and was presented at the 3rd Thessaloniki Performance Festival as part of the 4th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art at the VIS MOTRIX studio in Thessaloniki and in ArtsAdmin Studio 3 in November 2014 in London. The research and production of Vibrant Matter/La Métachorie was supported by the Arts Council of England.