Zero-Tau/ STASIS

Stasis in the sci-fi world refers to a greatly reduced state of life processes, a complete cessation or a partial suspension of time. Inside these fields, known as zero-tau fields, where tau stands for the elapsed time of a clock that moves towards zero when its velocity approaches the speed of light, time has for all intents and purposes ceased to pass. Deriving from ek-stasis, Stasis, initiates a special case of movement for bodies that resist time and claim their liveness, while the voice incarnates the fragility of intimacy at the core of human bonds. As a sign of presence, stasis is here to affirm the importance of life as a shared experience, a constant resistance to death.  Zero-tau is: For.tune, Georgia Kalogeropoulou and Maria Sideri. Their work lies on a mixed media performance that explores the idea of Stasis as a metaphor of liveness and presence. Georgia Kalogeropoulou is a researcher in psychoanalysis and philosophy and musician based in London. Her research centers on the construction of time as repetition aiming to explore music as the quest of a living hermeneutics. For.tune is a musician and composer playing the piano and the violin with extensive studies in music theory, counterpoint and classical and contemporary composition. Having electronic influences he is experimenting merging sound and performance. Maria Sideri is a performance maker based in London. Her research is focused on movement, gesture and voice in different temporal and spatial boundaries and is greatly influenced from her anthropological studies.