Take me to your favourite place

Take me to your Favourite Place is an audio publication that departs from my residency in the Villa Empain in Bruxelles between November and December 2018 and culminates in the occasion of Festival Signal#7 in August 2018. With the support of CIFAS, this publication marks my passage from the city of Bruxelles through various encounters, a workshop and interviews. Through subjective geography, this object suggests to think around how people passing by or living in Bruxelles experience topographical restrictions today.

Author: Maria Sideri
Texts: Maria Sideri, Madame Lowies et extracts from different conversations.
Production: Mathilde Florica, Charlotte David.
Photography: Bea Borgers. Editorial concept: Aline Melaet
Printing: Graphius, Bruxelles, September 2019.

Podcast made by Maria SideriBrussels, 2018

Valentine de Saint-Point. Des feux de l'avant-garde à l'appel de l'Orient

Elodie Gaden, Paul-André Claudel (dir.)
Presses universitaires de Rennes, collection "Interférences", 2019

PRÉSENTATIONMorte au Caire en 1953, dans le dénuement le plus total, Valentine de Saint-Point a longtemps été reléguée dans l’ombre de l’histoire de l’art. Cette expérimentatrice hors du commun – qui fréquenta Rodin, Mucha, Marinetti et Canudo, écrivit coup sur coup le Manifeste de la Femme futuriste (1912) et le Manifeste Futuriste de la luxure (1913), révolutionna la chorégraphie en fondant une nouvelle danse sous le nom de Métachorie, se passionna pour la théosophie, puis finit par s’établir en Égypte et se rapprocher de l’Islam, tout en embrassant la cause anticolonialiste – avait littéralement disparu des mémoires.

TO YOU TO YOU TO YOU, Love Letters to a (Post)Europe

TO YOU TO YOU TO YOU builds on the Love Letters to a (Post)Europe programme that took place at Bios, Athens in 2015, in which twenty six artists created short works in an act of gifting and assembly. The publication includes contributions from Kate Adams, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Brian Catling & David Tolley, cris cheek, Robin Deacon, Tim Etchells, Alec Finlay, Matthew Goulish, Guy Harries, Steven C Harvey, Catherine Hoffmann, Wendy Houstoun, Mikhail Karikis, Brian Lobel, Claire MacDonald, Georgios Makkas, Ivana Müller, Mariela Nestora, Kira O’Reilly, Florence Peake, Erica Scourti, Maria Sideri, Anna Sherbany, Jungmin Song, Yoko Tawada, Nikki Tomlinson, a correspondence between Lisa Alexander and Mary Paterson, and an essay by Claire MacDonald.TO YOU TO YOU TO YOU is published by the Live Art Development Agency and is supported using public funding by Art Council England.Book designed by David Caines.

The Year 2017. A Collective Chronicle of Thoughts and Observations

Welcome to what is going to be a collective chronicle of the year 2017! This journal will follow the general change that we experience in our daily lives, in our cities, countries and beyond, in the political discourses and in our reflections on the role of artists and intellectuals. Originating from several talks and discussions with fellow artists and thinkers FFT feels the strong need to share thoughts and feelings about how we witness what is going on in the world. Week after week different writers, artists, thinkers and scientists will take the role of an observer as they contribute to this collective diary. 17th - 23rd  July, 2017Maria Sideri http://journal.fft-duesseldorf.de/sideri.html

Asdiwal Revue Anthropologique de l’histoire de Religion de l’Université de Genève.

« L’inscription de Palaikastro et les Courètes».

Maria Sideri


International Yearbook on Futurism Vol.5 2015

The special issue of International Yearbook of Futurism Studies for 2016 will investigate the role of Futurism in the œuvre of a number of Women artists and writers. These include a number of women actively supporting Futurism (e.g. Růžena Zátková, Edyth von Haynau, Olga Rozanova, Eva Kühn), others periodically involved with the movement (e.g. Valentine de Saint Point, Aleksandra Ekster, Mary Swanzy), others again inspired only by certain aspects of the movement (e.g. Natalia Goncharova, Alice Bailly, Giovanna Klien).

The Meta-dance of Valentine de Saint-Point: The Occult and the Erotics of Vibration

Maria Sideri


It comes in waves issues 1,2,3

Published by Maria SideriWith the support of ArtsCouncil of England as part of the project Vibrant Matter-The Métachorie in 2014 and 2015.